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This week the guys make their triumphant return with a lot of shenanigans in the second half.
Extra Life did amazingly well, +$451K this year!  Big number to try and top next year.
This week the guys review Castlevania Lord of Shadows, Dead Rising 2, Red Dead Redemption DLC Undead Nightmare, Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 2, Madden 11.
We also take a quick look at the AMC TV show The Walking Dead.
Max does play a little Undead Nightmare on the  second half, so there is a lot of disconnect and oddities.
The Red Dead Bug we encountered -


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Zombie Hulk says "Extra Life NOW, SIGN UP!" -

The guys go to Chicago Comic Con to promote Extra Life.  They go over the ups and downs of promoting Extra Life at a convention.

After having problems with organizers at the Con Friday, the guys cool off with a little dig where the water is red and review Piranha 3D.

While waiting for the con to start the next day the guys play some Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light.

Monday Night Combat is briefly discussed.

Remember Sign up or donate to Extra Life -

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The Value of 15 bucks.This week the guys talk about a fair amount.

Brad bought and tries to play StarCraft 2 without it crashing.

The guys discuss the length vs quality vs quantity value of the DLC games, specifically the Summer of Arcade Titles

DeathSpank and Kane and Lynch are quick looked based on demo/trial versions.

Brad is currently playing through BioShock 2, so hear a different perspective on a day 1 buy played months later.

Batman: Arkham City is announced, along with some stunning GameInformer covers.

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This week the guys try to game and talk.  Limbo was released to they play that while talking about the games they have been playing and want to play.

Quick update on San Diego Comic-Con - The biggest nerdgasm on the planet.

Some impressions of Limbo, while they play.

They discuss the Summer of Arcade.

Brad talks about his disappointments with Crackdown 2

They discuss the ending of Alan Wake - Spoilers ahead with time mark during the podcast.

Some game law discussion.

Remember the guys will be at Wizard World Chicago representing Extra Life, so please, stop bye and say hi.

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This week the guys talk about nothing and something at the same time.

Brad starts and discusses his feeling of Alan Wake as he plays through it.

Max, maybe for the second time, reviews Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands

Max started Red Dead Redemption and gives his quick impressions while Brad won't shut up about 100% it.

Brad completely derails Max while he (Max) reviews the free flash game 'Crush the Castle 2' by handing him his iPhone with 'Angry Birds' running on it.

Some return of Futurama talk.

More ExtraLife solicitation. Donate here:

Crush the Castle can be found here -

Angry Birds here -

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We talk about the biggest gaming convention on the planet: E3.

We break down each of the press conferences:

Microsoft -

Part 1 (follow the video to watch the other parts)

Sony -
Part 1 (follow the video to watch the other parts)

Jaffe's last game was 'Calling All Cars'

Nintendo -
Part 1 (follow the video to watch the other parts)

From there we go over some of the titles we are looking forward to from E3.

Forced Unleashed II

Marvel v Capcom 3


God of War: Ghosts of Sparta

Dead Rising: Patient Zero and Dead Rising 2 - The ignorance of Brad's wasted youth is on pure display here.

Portal 2

Dead Space 2

Silent Hill 8 (working title)

Fear 3

Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood

Star Wars The Old Republic

Infamous 2

Dreamcast coming to the modern consoles.

And Brad brain farted on Rage, which looks great.

Some in-depth discussion with someone who has played the new MK.

Some things we felt were missing from E3.

An ExtraLife announcement for the 3rd annual upcoming fund raiser - interested -, our team is 2 Idiot Gamers, and Brad's donation link is -


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(AP Photo/Charles Rex Arbogast)
(AP Photo/Charles Rex Arbogast)

This week the guys dive into all things hockey, from the invention of the Zamboni to the superstitions around whether or not you touch the Campbell Cup (pictured above).

Just kidding, Brad is just pretty pysch'd about his team making it to the Stanley Cup Finals, if things go right, we will only have to endure his hockey talk for one more episode.

This week we take a serious look at Alan Wake now that it has been finished by Max.

Brad goes in-depth on Red Dead Redemption.

There is a little talk on Dragon Age: Origins and Prince of Persia:  The Forgotten Sands

Some quick comments on the  podcast, Brad called said George St. Pierre as a hockey player, he intended to say Martin St. Pierre.

Background music is Good Old Hockey Game by Stompin' Tom Connors, Alan Wake Collectors Edition, Red Dead Redemption, Dragon Age: Origins, Chelsea Dagger by the Fratellis

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You too can Kick-Ass and get the lady.

And we're back!  After some four weeks or so off the guys talk about their adventures over this time.

The guys got to C2E2, the Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo.

They talk about some old games with heroins, Bayonetta and Wet.  After which they go back to the 90's with the launch of Tecmo Bowl for XBLA.

Max talks about his time with the PS3 and Brad tries to get him to choose between his Mom, PS3, and XBOX360.

We go over the upcoming releases - Lost Planet 2, Batman Arkham Asylum GotY Edition, Skate 3, Prince of Persia, Alan Wake, and Red Dead Redemption.

Bright Falls on-line prequel to Alan Wake can he found here:

We then talk movies with Kick-Ass, Nightmare on Elm Street, and Iron Man 2.

There is also the Happy Birthday shout out to a friend of Max's  - Andrea.

Lastly - GO HAWKS!, They eliminated the Vancouver Canucks 4-2 with a 5-1 Victory Tuesday night.

Photo by Jesse Grant – © – Image courtesy

And the background audio this week is the Mass Effect 2 Soundtrack

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So during the editing process, I realized the phrase that pays is "downright ridiculous".  Someone buy me a thesaurus.

This week the we talk about a handful of things.

Happy Easter!

Max looks forward to Alan Wake.

Brad discusses the craziness that is Just Cause 2

Brad continues to go over all the Borderlands DLC - The Island of Dr. Ned, Mad Moxxi's Underdome Riot, and The Secret Armory of General Knoxx - Apparently Gearbox likes X's.  Island goes on sale April 19th for 400 points, absolutely worth it.

Sony removes "Other OS Support" on fat PS3 - So it no longer does that will be the new advertising campaign.

DOD Buys PS3's.

The full God of War 3 discussion.  We only had about 10 minutes of content, so we both have seen the full game and discuss the whole game.

We discuss our past with some Microsoft Game Room.

Brad see's "Clash of the Titans" (2010) - The highlights include "The A-Team" trailer and "The Losers"

And everyone should watch "The Pacific" on HBO

Background Music was Gears Of War by Kevin Riepl

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EP5: Good News Everyone
I get to say Hi to this lovely hunk of plastic every day.

After a technical break due to some fat finger screw ups, we are back and weaker then ever!  We took a quick break from a God of War 3 marathon to give you this episode of the 2 Idiot Gamers podcast.

Everyone is excited for some good new - Good News Everyone!  Futurama in June!  12 Episodes.

Brad discusses his views on Dark Void and Dante's Inferno

Max finishes and talks about Bioshock 2Deadly Premonition, RE5 DLC, and Bayonetta.

We venture into the realm of movies with the discussion of the Predators trailer. (Caution Flash Heavy)

We play some oldies, Max: Portal, Brad: Red Dead Revolver

We go into the the cool Portal 2 marketing: Kotaku Post on Decoding GDC Blue Screen

Some older news: Original XBOX Live going down in early April, PS3 Explodes on Feb 29, 2010, 3d coming to PS3.

Winners of our first contest are announced.

A God of War 3 review-cast will be up tomorrow.

We changed the compression on this file to make it smaller, I do not think quality suffered, if you think it did, let us know, we will put it back up to a higher bit-rate in future podcasts.

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One might ask where you find a waffle shaped grid pattern, well, Brad tells Max all about this in Mass Effect 2.  He tries to keep it spoiler free.  Keep in mind somethings might be spoiled.

Brad goes back on his pre-order bonus system rant - This time with proof!

Our youtube channel with the Red Dead Redemption trailers and pre-order bonus video.

Max's favorite part of Silent Hill Shattered Memories: Here!

The $13K NES - here.

Some discussions on the future of the podcast.

Finally a code giveaway contest in the works! Follow us on twitter for more details

Sound Track used in the background: Mass Effect 2

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All rejoice, Brad finally caught up to Max and finished Assassin's Creed 2. They discuss the oddities of the end storyline and what "The Truth" really means.

A quick review of the new iPhone app: Grand Theft Auto: China Town Wars.

Brad dodges the purchase Dark Void.

Discussion of the new XBLA Arcade Theater and the 3D TV phenomenon that was CES.

Quick Impression of Mass Effect 2.

Brad gives a quick nod to the PC application PlayOn and the powers it can unleash on your home network.  Yup, hulu on the 360, PS3, or Wii.

Brad gets some therapy complaining about all the various pre-order DLC offered from all the different retailers.

So until next time - Enjoy!

The noise reduction algorithm ran on the audio upon completion of the recording  we will stop doing after this show, there is an abrupt volume decrease during pauses, we plan to fix this in the coming podcasts.

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And we are back!

After some time off we come back full steam.

What we talk about:

Our Christmas presents and games.

What we are currently playing.

The hot winter release schedule of 2010.

The decade that was gaming.

Some picks and pitfalls of 2009. Enjoy!

As promised: Mega 64 Does RE4


Music used:

God of War II - Main Titles

Coup Intro - Call of Duty 4

Bioshock - Main Theme

Death of Kratos - God of War II

Clash with Evil Personified - Metal Gear Solid 3 

Metal Gear Solid - Main Theme

Luck - Halo 3

Welcome to Rapture - Bioshock

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